Country Week 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Country Week Try-Outs begin Monday 22 February 2021

The information provided on this flyer is a basic summary only.  Please refer to the information booklet provided to your child or attached for full details.

Students are invited to try out for a place on the following teams:

  • Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Touch
  • Basketball

In order to be able to try out for any of these teams, a student must:

  • Be a Year 10, 11, or 12 students of Tom Price Senior High
  • Have paid an initial deposit of $300.00 (This must be paid before a student may try out for Country Week.)

Try-outs will commence on Monday 22 February 2021 and finish no later than Friday 26 February 2021. The last day that a student may pay a deposit and join tryouts is the morning of Monday 22 February 2021.

What is Country Week and when is it?

Country Week is a week of Interschool Sport Competition played in Perth. We plan to fly to Perth on Sunday 27 June and return on Friday 2 July.

What will it cost?

The maximum cost of this camp will be $1,800.00 per person, although we will endeavour to take advantage of early-bird specials to reduce this amount where possible. Please refer to the camp booklet for more detailed information. A brief outline of the payment deadlines etc. follows:

Date Due Amount For
Mon 22 Feb 2021   Try-Outs Begin for those who have paid their deposit.
Mon 22 Feb 2021 $300.00 The last day to pay a deposit and join tryouts is 22 Feb.
Fri 12 Mar 2021 $200.00 This payment is required to confirm your place on a team
Wed 24 Mar 2021 $500.00 Payment 3 due.
Tues 30 Mar 2021    TBC Uniform payments due. The amount will depend on what you order.
Fri 07 May 2021 $400.00 Payment 4 due.
Fri 04 Jun 2021    TBC Final Payment Due.


 How will I know if my student makes the team and what happens to my deposit then?

Offers for a place in the team will be made no later than Friday 2nd March. An additional deposit of $200.00 to confirm their place in the team will also be required by Friday 12th March.

  • Students who are not offered a place in the sport(s) they nominated, will have their deposit refunded.
  • Students who have been offered a place in the sport(s) they have nominated for will immediately be added to the flight booking and the $300.00 deposit will become non-refundable at this point. You will have until Friday 12th March to pay the additional confirmation deposit.
  • Students who have not been offered a place in the sport they have nominated may be offered a place in an alternate sport. In this instance, you will have until Friday 6th March to accept your place and pay the additional confirmation deposit.

Any places not confirmed by the due date may be offered to another student on the waiting list.

Full details of the cost of Country Week, any additional charges you may incur, and the required deadlines, can be found in the Country Week Information booklet provided to your child and attached below.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Front Office at the High School on

9188 3650.

Yours sincerely,

Nicole Kelly

Country Week Coordinator

Country Week Parent Booklet 2021