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Emergency Information for Parents

Parents are encouraged to read the attached Cyclone Information in order to know the steps to take in the event of a cyclone affecting Tom Price.

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Mobile phone/device policy

Students are expected to make themselves familiar with the Mobile Phone/Electronic Device Policy attached.

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Canteen Menu

New menu and new Canteen manager coming soon.

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Term Dates

Term 1Monday 3rd February, 2020Thursday 9th April, 2020
SCHOOL HOLIDAYSFriday 10th April, 2020Monday 27th April, 2020
TERM 2Tuesday 28th April, 2020Friday 3rd July, 2020
SCHOOL HOLIDAYSSaturday 4th July, 2020Sunday 19th July, 2020
TERM 3Monday 20th July, 2020Friday 25th September, 2020
SCHOOL HOLIDAYSSaturday 26th September, 2020Sunday 11th October, 2020
TERM 4Monday 12th October, 2020Thursday 17th December, 2020
SCHOOL HOLIDAYSFriday 18th December, 2020
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Bus information

Find information about the Tom Price High School bus service here