Mathematics and Science


The Mathematics and Science Department we would like to congratulate the following students for their achievements in the recent Education Perfect Science and Mathematics Championships for 2020.

Education Perfect is a platform used across the school. This competition is open to participants across the World.

The following students are to be congratulated on their AMT (Australian Mathematics Trust) Competition results in another Australia wide Mathematics competition.


Awards: P=Prize, H= High Distinction, D=Distinction, C=Credit, Pr=Proficiency, Pa=Participation


Year 7       Lanah Dayon-  Pr                   Emily Flavel- Pr                 Ayomide Odedeyi-  Pr             Tobi Rushbrook-  Pr           Nathalie Burke-  Pr


Year 8       Kayla Farmer-  C                     Zoe Hyland-  C                   Tessa Clayton-  Pr                    Kaylah Rushbrook-  Pr


Year 10     Jaim Tope- C              Zane McIvor- C         Stacey Hyland-  Pr             Ruby Stevenson- Pr             Jen Dayon-  Pa           Andrew Ferriera-  Pa


Congratulations to those students who took up the challenge.

Anglea Panizza

Head of Mathematics and Science