NEWS BLOG – Home Economics


What a great start to Term 3 in Home Economics!

Our Year 8’s have also been getting creative in textiles, producing as many fabric poppies as they can in time for Remembrance Day.

Our Year 9 and 10 textiles students have been busy producing scrunchies as well as learning the art of tie-dying so keep a lookout for some funky looking socks around the school.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Home Ec room without staff and students alike asking ‘what is that amazing smell?’ as they walk past. On the menu this week has been Butternut Gutap, an Asian inspired dish, as well as a new food for most but definitely an ongoing favourite, Chimichangas!

The Year 12 students are busy busting out some assessments for their final term here at school and the Year 11 students are getting themselves prepared for their ‘Bake-off Challenge’ in Week 4.

Mrs Emma Dyer