NEWS BLOG – Trade Training Centre (TTC)

Trade Training Centre

2020 has been an exciting year in the Trade Training Centre. The focus has been on making the centre a safe and usable environment. Major improvements have included the creation of new flexible welding areas where 3 students could be working in smaller bays or the area can be used as one large space for students working on large major projects.

Students have been carrying out servicing activities such as oil changes, spark plug and safety checks. All students are required to complete an activity to develop an understanding of the safe use of a car hoist.

Year 11 Certificate 2 students have made new workbenches that are ergonomically useable. These benches have been made using materials that have been donated by BENNCO Engineering. The generosity of Steven Tormey and his crew has been outstanding and has saved the school a great deal of money that has been able to be redirected into making improvements in other aspects of the Trade Training Centre.

The Certificate 2 program has been a huge success.  The following Year 12 students have successfully completed the course.

Larissa Dawson, Aaron Lavender, Ethan Clasohm, Bradley Roberts, Samuel Blackwell, Luke Van Nus, Max Mahnkoph. This is a fantastic effort and I would like to acknowledge the work of the NRT (North Regional TAFE) Lecturer John Ireland. The students have been lucky to have access to his skills and knowledge.

In the lower school subjects, the students have been working on machining tasks using metal lathes. The focus here has been on safety and accuracy. Skills covered have included the use of precision measuring tools, taper turning facing and parallel turning. The results have been outstanding, although there does need to be an improvement in the student’s ability to make the spinning dice actually spin.

Community support over the past 9 months has been fantastic. There has been so many offers of help from a wide variety of sources, all of them local businesses and community members.  We have had some great behind the scenes assistance from people like David, Matt, Jarred and Marcus. This support is vital for the school community so if you think that you can help out in any way please contact the school.

Mr Andrew McMillan