Tom Price Emergency Services Cadet Corp

Senior Cadet Camp – 24th to the 27th July

On Friday the 24 of July, a total of 16 students ranging from Years Nine to Twelve attended the annual Senior Cadet Camp to Coral Bay.

Friday afternoon we arrived at the camp and set up our camp for the weekend. After the tents were sorted out we then got ready and headed down to the beach for an afternoon dip. At the beach we played a good game of volleyball and played in the ocean.  After a while we walked back to the camp had showers, ate some yummy burgers and did some homework and that was the first night done!

The next morning, we were woken up by Ms Kelly and Ms Wilson with some wonderful Disney music and an awesome sunrise. Saturday was then filled a whole lot of adventure, we first went off for a good snorkel looking at the coral and then later into the day we swam with some manta rays.   At one point there were four swimming underneath us. There were no whale sharks spotted but we witnessed a humpback whale breach and a whole lot of them swimming passed which was an amazing way to finish our day. When we got back to shore, we went for a shop and headed back to camp for dinner and showers. We then decided to play a game of spotlight on the beach which was really cool and funny witnessing most of the students tripping over the sand when trying to win.

The next morning, we split into our different groups and played a game of intense volleyball.  The first group to leave was the intermediate scuba group consisting of Kaia, Jim, Jack and instructor Nudge (Nong) 😊. Their day consisting of learning how to be neutrally buoyant and practise their scuba skills in the water while looking at ocean marine life. The second group consisted of Te Wairua, Taleisha, Andie, Jen, Darcy, Jayla, instructors Ms Willow (Muppet) and Ms Kelly (Nicky Licky). The day was filled with snorkelling with Manta Rays, Tiger Sharks, Dugongs, and more Humpback Whales. That day was honestly filled with so much excitement it’s hard to explain. The last group to leave was the beginner scuba group who had split groups where one group would be in the pool learning basics and the second group went for a snorkel. The day ended with a yummy dinner and a late-night movie.

The next morning was the end of the camp and so we made our way home back to Tom Price. Overall the camp was filled with adventure, laughter, memories and great experiences that we all will never forget.

Te Wairua Taua