Year 10 English

The Social Dilemma Documentary Study

Our teenagers are growing up in a world that is changing rapidly. They are faced with the infiltration of technology into all areas of their lives. However, no change has been quite so stark as the development of social media. Recent research indicates that social media has a profoundly negative affect on the wellbeing of teenagers.

One of our Year 10 English classes embarked on an analysis of award-winning documentary, The Social Dilemma to develop both an understanding of symbolic, written, audio and technical codes used in film production as well as a better understanding of the unexpected poison that social media can be to teenage minds. The documentary was directed by Jeff Orlowski and released in January this year. It analyses the personal, social, economic and cultural effect of social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. These apps have instigated a myriad of ethical debate surrounding fake news, sellable personal data, body image issues and the lack of face to face communication.

After studying the documentary, our Year 10’s harnessed their knowledge of symbolic, written and technical codes to design infographics that drew attention to the main messages conveyed through the documentary. The work they produced was outstanding. Their use of colour symbolism, image-based camera angles and font designs all came together with persuasive language to produce work that challenges and inspires youth awareness of social media dangers.

Seeing teenagers learn and be empowered through the study of real-world issues has been so rewarding.

Excellent work Year 10’s!

Ms Turrill, 10.1 English